Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One Week Left! #SOL17

One week from today I report back to school for pre-planning. The tingle of excitement feels like little electric currents running through my chest. Even as a child, I relished the anticipation of the first day of school. It ranks right up there with Christmas. I still feel that way today.

To whet my appetite, this week is filled with meetings and back-to-school activities. Yesterday, I attended a leadership retreat. Okay... it was really a five-hour long meeting, but if you provide coffee, good food, and chocolate, you can call it whatever you want, and you can guarantee I'll be there. The principal and APs shared some great information about where we are headed this year as a faculty and school. As if I wasn't excited enough about kicking the new year into gear, the vision for what's ahead now has me on the verge of losing sleep. (I may have to make a paper chain to count down the days to occupy my time.)

Tomorrow is our annual summer boot camp. Boot camp is a day when our up-and-coming sixth-graders come to the school for sneak peek at what's waiting for them in less than two weeks. They'll check out some classrooms, tour the school, practice opening lockers, and have some of the daunting questions answered that have been plaguing them all summer like, "Will I really get detention for coming to class late?"

Friday will be another excitement-filled day as I, along with one of my APs and two other teachers, will be presenting our literacy plan to other administrators and teachers from the district. I'm pretty tickled about being given this opportunity.

I'm thankful for a busy week. It makes the anticipation of the first day of school easier to handle.

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  1. You certainly are in full swing! And, it I can tell you are enjoying every moment of it. Have fun with your presentation! I'm sure it will be awesome. ~Amy

  2. Your words burst with excitement, Gail! I can't wait to learn more about how this year goes and the big plans you have in store. Go get 'em, girl! ⭐️

  3. So fun to hear your excitement - a paper chain indeed! Let's bottle your enthusiasm and spread it around. Enjoy your presentation and share your literacy joy.